Berkey® Water Filter

Berkey® Water Filter

We are a Berkey® Water Systems authorized dealer. We help locate supplies for Clean Living and provide a platform to share helpful solutions, including recipes for specialized diets (see our Product Recommendations and Friends of the Farm pages).

For people residing in the DFW, Texas area, we offer consults to help us understand your specialized diet or living area concerns and we will go to work finding solutions for you. We participate in farmer’s markets and roadshows, and offer some limited delivery options in certain areas. Consults are the best way for us to provide tailored services so please email us and we will be in touch with you soon.

Berkey® systems is one of my favorite solutions for clean drinking water. It removes harmful substances without removing minerals that are needed by the body. I like it because it filters to the virus level and has an option to filter fluoride. It is perfect for renters and travelers because of its easy set up and maintenance, requiring no plumbing or electricity.

Luckily, Berkey® water systems are the most economical solution I have discovered due to the life of the filters and having a long standing, objectively tested, and trusted reputation.

We ask that you contact us in order to make the best decision on which Berkey® system to buy because we want you to be happy with your purchase long-term. Sometimes more is better but sometimes less is better. A particular unit may be the best option because there is a special offered.

We would love to explore all options and help you discover the best unit for you!

To place an order, please email us at

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Tammy Barron is a clean living consultant who loves life, health and family.