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We offer consults as a way to best provide our services. We take time to hear the unique situations of each individual person and then make recommendations based on their unique needs. 

Whether it’s a home visit or a lengthy conversation discussing that special diet that is working so well for you, our goal is to serve you best and help you live well. We don’t stop there! We offer assistance finding these products at the best price.

Our heart’s desire truly is to help as many people as possible live well. We believe that the obstacles can be different for everyone so getting to know our clients personally is the only way we have found to serve them best.

At this time, due to our small staff, some of our services can only be offered in the DFW area, however, we are excited to help as many people as possible by providing links on our Product Recommendations page to some of the best treasures we have found and by posting video clips of amazing discoveries our Friends of the Farm have made.  

If you are interested in a consult please email info at