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Enjoy Clean Water with Berkey® Water Filter

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor. I’m simply sharing my personal observation and reasons I have chosen to use a water filter, the water filter I like best, and why I like it. 

Now all of that said, one of my doctors suggested I have clean water to drink and recommends the Berkey® water systems to all of his patients.  There’s a good chance, if you are reading this, you may have already decided that you feel it is important to filter your water before drinking it out of the tap. However, there are some people who ask me why I filter my water or why I like my filter so much. I am writing this for those who are asking either of those questions.  

We need water to live

We can go a lot longer without food than we can without water. I drink a minimum of 1/2 gallon of water per day. I absorb the water I drink; the water that falls on my skin when I bath is absorbable also. The water I wash and cook my food in, though in less amounts, can also be absorbed by me. The water that I grow my plants in is important because the plant absorbs it and then I eat the plant with the items it absorbed out of the water (both good and bad). This goes for my family and pets in my household as well. Now if my water has anything in it I don’t want in my body, then I am likely to absorb it. Not only will I likely absorb it, but since water is such a big part of my life, I will probably get it in a decent quantity.  

This brings me to the question…

What is in my water?

I can start to answer that question by taking into consideration the annual report that most US cities publish. I obtain that by doing a simple Google search for water quality report in Grapevine (the city I live in). That report is a good starting place. Is this report all inclusive? Are there things they haven’t tested for? If they did not test for it, how would I know it is there? 

Fluoride is added to my water supply. While some doctors and dentists may believe that fluoride is safe and a good option, others do not. In fact, 2/3 of my doctors, including my dentist, do not agree that ingesting fluoride is a good idea. A simple Google search to find out why fluoride is “bad” or “good” for you will render many opinions for your consideration. Check out this article, 50 Reasons to Oppose Flouridation.

Since I’m not one to just adopt someone’s opinion, I usually want to know “why” they believe what they believe. Then I do a little investigation from there to form my own belief.  

Chlorine is added to the water to sanitize it. What about that chlorine? Is that safe for me to ingest? Especially at the quantities over time I would ingest it? Again, you can see the debates on either side of this by doing a simple Google search. I always ask: “Why do they believe this?” I look at the sources from which they form their opinion and decide for myself if that evidence is really sufficient to form that opinion.

Then, because the water has to travel through pipes, is anything absorbed by the water from those pipes? Not just the pipes to get to my house, but the pipes in my house, the water faucet, if I have a reverse osmosis unit, the tank that it collects in before I use the water (Is anything growing in there? Can I test that? I can’t even see in there).

In the culture that I live in, a high number of people take pharmaceutical drugs. When those drugs are excreted from their body what happens to them? Is there any chance they end up in my tapwater? Do I believe that answer? Why, or why not?

Is bottled water any better than tapwater?

I found out that some bottled water is exactly the same as my tapwater. Tapwater is regulated by the EPA. Bottled water is regulated by the FDA. The FDA simply states that it has to be as good as tapwater. If I have arrived at the answer that I am questioning my tapwater, I must also question my bottled water. How about the container the water is in? Did it sit in heat during transport or warehouse storage? Did chemicals leach from the bottle the water was in and now and, if so, am I drinking those chemicals?  

When I got sick (see our story on home page), I was so surprised because I ate an organic whole foods plant-based diet. What could be wrong with me? When a doctor presented me with lab results and the things they found in my body, I had to look at where they could be coming from. The questions I shared above made me question my water source.

Finding a Solution

After digging into the options for filters I would have loved to have a whole house filter. The one I believed was the best for me would probably cost me around $10,000. That was something that would have to be budgeted for and out of my reach at that time. I would still choose a Berkey® along with that filter, even if I could have that particular filter. I still have no idea what is in the pipes and faucet that come after the filter unit, that the water would travel in to get to me. I understand that may be minimal, but how do I know? Those substances got into my body somehow and I had a whole house system then. I think it may be one thing for my shower water to come from a whole house system, but in my opinion, not my actual drinking water, I want to know that it is as clean as I can get it. I did consider reverse osmosis, however, as mentioned earlier, my question on the storage tank and consulted trusted opinion on removing minerals from water (which reverse osmosis does), I had decided that I want the minerals to remain in my water and reverse osmosis would not allow for that.

Why Berkey®?

I decided the Berkey® water system (and a shower filter sold by Berkey®) was the best for me. It had the ability to filter out everything I wanted and leave the minerals in. At under two cents per gallon for my drinking water, it is certainly economical. I can visually see everything and know if anything is growing in my holding tank, and if it were (I have never experienced that), I could easily remedy that problem. I do not have to waste money on filters because the filter can easily be tested with red dye to see if it is still working. If it is working longer than I thought it would, I can keep using it and not replace filters that are still working. I recently saw someone who is going on six years and their filters are still working!

Berkey® water systems filter down to the virus level! 

They also have an option to add a fluoride filter as well (this was important for me to do since one of my physicians recommended it, and after some research I agreed it would be best for me). They come in different sizes (I travel with a 1.5 gallon) and currently have a 2.5 gallon in the kitchen. So I was able to get exactly what I needed.

No need for Plumbing!

An advantage to me was that there was no need for plumbing or electricity which kept my financial investment on the lower end as well as allowing me to use a smaller unit for travel anywhere. In fact, the only drawback I had to the Berkey® was that I would now have something sitting on my counter. But, because I could choose from different sizes I was able to get the one that serves me best and fits in my space (really, the shiny stainless steel canister doesn’t look that bad in my kitchen).  

I’m so impressed with the system that I became an authorized dealer. I sell Berkey® water systems for the same reason I sell anything else, because, in my opinion, it’s simply the best I can find. I use it currently, and I want to make it readily available for those around me. Email me at info@ItsAllGoodDFW.com if you’re interested in owning your own Berkey® water filter.

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