Friends of the Farm 2019-01-28T21:40:00+00:00

We are a group of local friends who get together to share our journey and adventures in living well.

Some of us have been on this journey for many years while some of us have just begun. These gatherings often include sharing a new product we found, a great local service, things to make our life easier, recipes, etc., all of the things that friends typically share. Video clips from our time together are posted here.

Whether you are a friend of ours who is local, but your schedule did not permit you to make gatherings, or a friend of ours who lives far away, we invite you to share in our discoveries by clicking on the videos (coming soon). Come find some new ideas, be encouraged if you are a beginner as you watch the other beginners in our group learn and succeed, and enjoy some reviews before you invest that money on your next “great deal” or obtain that pearl of wisdom from one of our guest visits!

Check back with us often as our library will continue to grow. May you live well prospering in the things that matter most!