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Why We Do What We Do

Our journey began one morning when my neighbor gave us a book on a plant-based diet. My husband, Michael, had type one insulin-dependent juvenile diaimgbetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and was also living without a colon as a result of ulcerative colitis. If that did not create enough problems, he also had a lot of allergies. We frequented emergency rooms. He was on several medications and had tried everything recommended to him and still things were not going well. He told me he wanted to try “that plant-based diet”; I certainly had my doubts that my husband, who grew up in Cajun land, and was accustomed to very tasty food, was going to cut out meat and dairy completely. I agreed right away, thinking that it would be easy because it was not going to last long. I was wrong about that in two ways. 

First, since he has been on a plant-based diet several years now, it lasted (I think he was motivated because he was doing so much better; he was off all medication except for his insulin, in less than ninety days). Second, while it was easier than I thought in the beginning, it gradually became challenging to keep meals tasty, satisfying, and within the guidelines that helped my husband so much. Because this diet was so new to me, it took a lot of time reading, taking classes, and experimenting to come up with the best-tasting plant-based foods. Realizing that this diet made such a huge difference for my husband’s quality of life, I was determined to make it happen. I was too exhausted to cook separate meals for everyone, so we ate plant-based as well. I managed to cook things that everyone enjoyed, so no one complained about the diet itself. 

Just as things were starting to get easier because I had become so accustomed to the new way of eating and meal preparation, I (Tammy) got really sick. My body was attacking itself. Why? A test revealed that I had high levels of substances in my body that were not supposed to be there. How did that happen? I was eating organic! I learned that these substances were in water, in my food preperation and storage containers, dishes, in my cosmetics, and even in my organic food! I learned once again that some changes in my lifestyle could help. Unfortunately, I had to spend more resources on attending classes, reading books, researching, and finding creative substitutions for things I would no longer be using (such as plastic, bottled water, nonstick cook pans, etc.). Of course the internet turned up a lot, but who was right? Whose item was the best? What recipes actually tasted good?

In my quest to learn how to live well and obtain the things that would help me the most without going bankrupt, I met other people just like me. These people had observed that food, lifestyle, and limiting exposure to certain substances could change their quality of life. They wanted to use pharmaceutical drugs sparingly and only when it was the best option. They wanted to live well, not sickly.  Realizing we all had spent a lot of time and money on this journey and that friends on the same journey are a great resource, I began to think of ways we could bring it all together.  How could we get to a place where resources would be shared and exchanged?

It’s All Good Urban Farm and Supplies For Clean Living, LLC was my answer.  We spend time learning, locating, sampling, and testing. We then share all of our findings with our clients, whom we really view as friends. The products we sell are sold because they are either hard to find or not available in our local area. We feel that we can offer a better price, or because a friend (client) has requested that we sell it.  When we recommend a product we tell you why.  We try to negotiate deals with vendors to maximize the savings, but our number one priority is quality.  We would appreciate you using the provided link if you are going to purchase recommended products. While in some cases the vendor may choose to give us some form of financial compensation for providing the link on our website, our recommendations are written as objective as possible. We focus less about opinion and more about why the product may be a better choice (ie: third party tested, raw, organic, stainless steel, lead free, etc.). We choose to accept this compensation because it helps us post Friends of the Farm Club Clips for people who are not local or able to attend. We also will post products we find helpful on our Product Recommendations page.